healthy sex

healthy engaged coupleAre you struggling to find a mutually satisfying sexual relationship between you and your partner?  Have one or both of you been impacted by infidelity, sexual addiction, or sexual abuse?  Or perhaps you just can’t find your groove.

There is a lot of confusion about healthy sexuality and partners get confused about what they want, what they feel like they should want, what they don’t want and why.  But it is such a significant part of our marriage whether we like it or not.  The truth is, when things are going well, couples attribute only 20% of that to healthy sex.  But when things aren’t going well, they attribute more than 50% of it to sexual issues.  Because the feelings are powerful, and because sexuality is such a vulnerable place for all of us, we really notice when things aren’t right.

If you’ve been on my site long perhaps you’ve read about Emotionally Focused Therapy and my approach to helping couples.  Emotional connection and security are the foundation of good sex.  Other factors also have impact and sometimes we need to really focus on how they are impacting our capacity to really create what we want sexually.

My specialized training in sex addiction and sex therapy and uniquely suit me to help couples establish healthy sexual patterns that can endure over time.

Call and let me help you find your way through.


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