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I provide face-to-face supervision in Arlington, VA and secure video conferencing anywhere in the world!


Are You Trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and Seeking Supervision for Your Private Practice?

Are you ready to apply your EFT training and skills with greater effect?  Are you finding it harder than you thought to re-engage your withdrawers, soften your pursuers, and catch the bullets?  Are you struggling to figure out when to heighten, deepen, or validate?  Like many of us, you may be finding your own fears and attachment patterns coming up in session?  Or, you are eager to put your skills to work, but feel overwhelmed but don’t know where to begin?  You may have all the tools you need to help your clients, but worry you aren’t using them effectively.  Maybe after years of private practice you are trying to refresh your couples therapy skills with EFT supervision.  EFT is a challenging, but powerful model and you’ve come to the right place.


Why Seek EFT Supervision?

Individual supervision was the most impactful aspect of my EFT learning process. Because EFT is a more advanced form of therapy, it can be difficult to learn and implement.  In fact, there are only 12 EFT certified therapists in the entire state of VA.  Because of its depth, it’s no wonder that many counselors trained in EFT find it difficult to translate what they learned in the classroom into effective couples counseling in their own practice.  You may see multiple couples in a day and go home feeling overwhelmed or even inadequate because something in the session didn’t go as planned or you felt incapable of containing a volatile situation.  While feelings of self-doubt and confusion are common when first trying to integrate EFT into sessions, it’s important to note that with proper guidance you can learn to how to put the effective techniques of EFT into practice with confidence and success.  You have the skills to create those transformative moments in session, you just need support while you learn to integrate them.

That’s why supervision in EFT is an excellent resource for taking your current private practice to the next level.  With my guidance I can help you make sense of all the concepts and skills that may be overwhelming you, and help you navigate the unclear roadmap you may face in integrating Emotionally Focused Therapy.  By working together, we can make that roadmap more clear.  I can help you build your confidence and comfort in sessions, demonstrate how to apply your training most effectively, and help you develop your own authentic use of the tools you have learned.  We can explore any roadblocks confronting you personally as a therapist and move through them together.


EFT Supervision Can Help You Find Your Authentic Way of Integrating EFT Skills and Increase Your Comfort and Effectiveness in Couples Counseling Sessions


In supervisory sessions, I create a safe and confidential space for you to talk to me about where you are in your career and your learning of EFT and couples therapy.  Together, we can identify, explore and move through concerns or fears holding you back from your best work.  We will also identify strengths and successes from your training and current practices that you wish to recreate and expand in your sessions.  In looking at where you are and where you want to be, I can help you design a clear roadmap to achieving the goals and successes you want from your practice.

In this safe setting we’ll expand your conceptual understanding of EFT.  We’ll investigate and work with the concepts of Emotionally Focused Therapy, unravel the aspects of the method that seem complex and learn how to make them more clear.  A personalized learning plan will help you apply EFT with more depth and effectiveness in your practice.  In these sessions, I can help you resolve the stress and confusion that often accompany this advanced and difficult form of therapy.  I can help you find your comfort zone and show you how to connect with your clients on a deeper level.

In addition to conceptual EFT learning, we can delve into experiential learning, whereby I enter your sessions virtually and act as your wingman.  I can help guide you through your couples counseling sessions and act as a resource.  We will also look at videos that you have recorded of couples in your therapy sessions and identify your technique, strengths, and effectiveness, as well as explore the places where you might want to grow using EFT in couples counseling.

Finally, we will do Self-of-the-Therapist work.  Here, we learn about you as a person first, and therapist second. We can explore family of origins issues and historical life events that may play into your practice without your conscious knowledge.  Through an exploration of how your personal life and history may influence your work with clients, you can develop increased awareness, bring personal patterns to light, and enhance the beneficial pieces of your past that make you a compassionate and capable therapist.

Under my supervision, you will receive help from all of the resources I have available, including self-assessment sheets and a collection of learning materials from the EFT community.  These resources can help you learn faster, become more effective and make the implementation of EFT in your practice, as well as EFT certification, more attainable.  With proper training you can discover your own unique voice and authentic style in therapy sessions and feel more calm and confident in your role as a couples therapist.

I know from personal experience what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by information, advice and the desire to put your newfound knowledge to work helping people.  As a young therapist out of graduate school I suddenly found myself with plenty of couples needing help, but with little knowledge of where to really start.  While my fellow therapists were all trying to teach me their different approaches to couples counseling, I felt lost and inadequate.  EFT training and supervision brought all of that confusion into clarity and I saw better results in session.  EFT works, and it is considered the best model of couples therapy with 17 positive outcome studies.  By learning how to properly implement this highly effective adult attachment therapy model into your practice, you can improve the overall quality of care you offer as a couples therapist and greatly improve your private practice.


You may be seriously considering supervision for Emotionally Focused Therapy, but still have questions or concerns…


I do feel a little overwhelmed, but I think I can figure out how to apply EFT on my own.

Trying to integrate EFT into your practice alone can be stressful, frustrating and confusing.  You are likely already taxed with too much information, and you may be expecting too much of yourself too early.  By engaging in supervision you will not only learn how to become a better therapist, but you will also make more money, retain more clients, and receive more referrals.  Working together, I can show you how to efficiently navigate the confusion and information overload and in the process help make your job more profitable, manageable, successful and enjoyable.

I have a support group and a network of friends who can help me.

Too much help from too many sources can be detrimental.  Every therapist has his or her own unique personality, voice and methodology.  While a peer group can be a great resource, they can also be inconsistent and unreliable.  Although support from your peers and friends can be helpful, supervision offers consistency and personal attention.  I’ll provide the safety and structure necessary to work through your personal feelings, make sense of your skills and training and help you find your own authentic voice.

How soon before I see the benefits of supervision?

If you have already taken your externship, you will be able to begin applying your EFT skills immediately.  For those who are at the pre-EFT externship stage, you may learn a little more slowly, but you will still have my guidance and support by your side.  Together we can accelerate your understanding of EFT and improve your ability to connect more deeply and personally with your couples.

EFT supervision can help you establish a greater sense of control and comfort in your couples counseling sessions and enhance the level of care your clients receive.  As an EFT Supervisor-in-training, for a limited time, I am offering a free initial session for clients bringing a taped session to our first supervision meeting. Call now at 703-220- 0951 or use the online form below to set up a free, no obligation consultation or to schedule an appointment.