How to Celebrate Your Love Today!

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celebrate your loveHere is a letter that Gary wrote for our Hold Me Tight Love Letters & Updates (you can sign up to receive these herewith ideas to help make today a day to bond, connect, and celebrate your love.  I loved his thoughts and will definitely be taking time to have this conversation with the one I love today.  Happy Valentines Day!  Enjoy.
Dear Lovers,
Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you remember to do something for your love?  This year, I discovered several apps engineered to help us with this centuries old observance of lovers and friends.  Apps for flowers, cards, quotes, recipes, music, restaurants or getaways, and thankfully chocolate…lots of chocolate.  It’s easy to get that thoughtful gesture on it’s way to your partner, but how about taking it to a deeper level? Make this a day to really bond, connect, and celebrate your love.

The ideas and conversations in Hold Me Tight get to the heart of love. Let Sue Johnson help you celebrate your relationship, find safety, connection, closeness, and get to the heart of love.  Here are some simple Hold Me Tight ideas for creating special conversations with your partner.
1. Share key positive moments in your relationship, big or small, from the last year.
2. Reflect and share moments from daily life where you intentionally foster openness.
3. Tell each other several specific small ways that the other touches you with spontaneous words or gestures, creating a sense of love and belonging.
4. Name one or more turning points in the last year when you appreciated your partner more and your love intensified.
5. Share together one way you intentionally try to soften, repair things, and get back together in the midst of a conflict or disagreement.
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Happy Valentine’s Day!