Are you feeling alone in your relationships?  Do you love your partner, but can’t seem to get along?  Do you wonder if your partner still loves you?  Have you lost one another through difficult life challenges?  Has addiction, infidelity or other battles left you feeling you’ll never recover?
There is a way out.  There is hope.
In my work with couples and families I help each individual understand their needs and help their partner and family members learn to respond in a way that fosters healing and strength. We learn about the moments where you hurt one another and how to maintain emotional balance at these times.  We learn to come closer together with softer feelings to build a secure lasting bond.

I am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy  (EFT), which research has shown to be highly effective in creating change in intimate relationships.  Couples and family therapy can help you transform your relationship from one to endure to one of joy, satisfaction and security.  EFT can help you make your relationships what you always hoped they would be.  Call me to find out how I can help you overcome individual emotional challenges, strengthen your capacity for a deeper connection, and build stronger bonds.

In addition to being a therapist I am a mother of 3 young and energetic boys.  In order to be home when they are home I start early and finish by 2:00 p.m.  My schedule fits well for clients who also want to keep their evenings free.  Most of my clients are working full-time and are able to arrange their work schedule to come weekly.  It can be challenging and requires commitment.  But the short-term commitment brings long-term healing and change.

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